Let’s Discuss Food!

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy talking about food. Not just eating it or smelling the aroma of homemade bread in the oven either. I enjoy everything that has to do with food.

When I was a kid growing up my grandparents who were my influence in understanding food and what it means in life would spend hours talking to me about food. They helped me to understand not only different styles of cooking or foods in general, but they taught me that to be a good or great cook you needed to love what you do. If you loved what you put into a recipe it would come out in the final product.

Over the years I learned a great deal from them, but one thing I enjoyed more than eating was listening to them describe food. From the taste, aroma, or what made that dish so effective. How it changed lives sometimes, or how it evolved over time.

I learned many recipes over the years just sitting around the table and discussing food.

I think it’s time to bring that discussion back into the mainstream. I can remember how those talks would take the stress of the day away as well as some of the stress going on in our world at the time.

Let’s talk food. Pick whatever you want to chat about and let’s get chatting right here.

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