What Do You Do With Easter Leftovers?

Here’s a couple of ideas


Leftovers! Are they the scourge of your holiday meals? We usually have an abundance of leftovers since I cook for anywhere for 10 to 20 people, and as always, we overestimate who's going to show.

Of course, that leaves us with meals for a couple of days, and once we're tired of them, it's freezer time. Once in the freezer, I have time to consider what to make with all that's left. In this case, the ham will be used for ham salad, video coming this week, and lentil or pea soup. The ham bone is already in the freezer, waiting for its day in the soup of choice.

The beef from the beef ribs will be used for a weeknight meal next week. I haven't decided on that recipe yet, but I'll keep you updated. As for the beef bones, they're going into a pot of boiling water to clear them of the spices we marinated them with so the dogs can enjoy some delicious bones as an Easter treat.

What do you do with your leftovers?

Buon Appetito!!!

Mark & Patti