Flipping the Tables on a Pastrami Sandwich

Sometimes change is good


I guess you can guess from this video that Patti and I were accepted into the Beta video program started by Substack. To say we’re a little excited is an understatement.

The first thing to get out in the open is that these videos, as you will see, are not professionally recorded. All the videos I will post are shot on my iPhone on a tripod. I started doing this about seven months ago when NewsBreak opened a video section for writers. I did a few videos where I spoke about some reviews, but then I started cooking and recording.

The videos and the recipes are simple. Everything I use, from the main course to the spices, herbs, and side dishes for cooking, most people have in their homes already. At least most of the stuff.

I wanted to put together a video series for people either cooking for one or two people to some who cook for either or more. I tend to cook both ways during a typical week.

I still have a long way to go, but I hope you find these videos helpful and tasty.

The plan is to have a cooking club built into this blog and Q&A sessions every so often.

At some point, I’ll monetize this and figure out a fair price which I promise won’t scare you away.

Just hang in there and keep cooking.