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An Over the Top Healthy Tuna Salad & Tuna Melt

Spices, herbs, and more come together to make this a tasty dish

This isn’t a typical tuna salad recipe. There is no mayo in this baby. Actually, I forgot to put mustard in, which you can do, but I remembered a little late for this one.

The key to this is using the right kind of oil and vinegar. I was brought up on olive oil, so that’s my usual go-to when I make Italian tuna, but when I want it to be healthier, I go with avocado oil, as I did this time.

For vinegar, I went with my trusted choice of Balsamic. I find it the best at flavor, although red wine vinegar is a very close second. I’ve made this with white wine, malt, rice wine, and champagne vinegar, and they all work at different levels. It’s worth trying them out for yourself.

As for spices, it’s up to you what you use. You get my list in the video, but this is your recipe. Do what you want.

Veggies are the same. Use what you want to beef this up. Everything and anything is possible.

Buon Appetito!

Mark & Patti

DelPaggio's Cucina
DelPaggio's Cucina
Mark & Patti Clifford